I'm not one to listen to music while I walk on the tredmill. I tend to prefer watching something on netflix as motivation to go down and work out. However, I work in a large office building with a massive loop on the bottom floor. I can't really watch Netflix. I have some anime on my memory card so I was watching that and realized that during the intro my pace picked up significantly.

So today I loaded a compilation of the One Piece intros and walked. I'm not sure if it is because I don't understand the words where I really am listening more to the music than the words or what the effect is, but I would more or less challenge anyone to listen to start me up and try to sit still. So I tried to think of all of my favorite intros and outros with the idea of creating a workout playlist. Here's what i have so far. Add yours in the comments below.

One Piece - Brand New World

Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger

Naruto 2nd opening Haruka Kanata

Initial D 4th Stage Intro - Dogfight by Move

There are a couple of Full Metal Panic intros that come to mind and other One Piece Intros that come to mind as well as Ippo and Initial D. Those are the ones from those particular series that stood out the most to me. Unlike Onoda Sakamichi I don't think I'll add the intro to Love Hime to help me get into the rhythm. However there are probably a couple of Yawamushi Pedal and Prince of Tennis intros as I'm thinking about it that would make good additions. What say you?

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