I can only describe the car to you. I do not know what it was. I’ve never seen one before. The front end reminded me of a 911. The back reminded me of a Corvette C7. The middle of the car reminded me of a roadster similar to a Lotus or an Opel Speedster. I could not discern any badges. The car was smaller like a Lotus. If I had to guess I’d say the engine was either mid-engine or front engine.

The one in question had no top. Looked like it might be a T-Top with a removable rear section to appear as a convertible. Might have been a convertible. There was no top up when I saw it. It was white with the spoiler in black.

First person to find a picture and tell me what kind of car I saw on my way to work this morning wins a prize.


Edit: The spoiler was a lip spoiler like you’d see on the Corvette C7

The hood had slots in it that may have been purely for show, but it wasn’t a solid hood.

The noble M600 looks by far the closest, but the Spyker is similar as well.

Edit #2: For the record it was leaving the Gentex parking lot. Look up the company. They make interior parts for cars. Maybe it was a kit car an engineer put together or maybe a mule.


This is the closest to what I saw so far.

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