You know what shows I'm talking about. Shows that are great, but get ruined by the Shonen power curve. Shows like Naruto, Bleach, Prince of Tennis, and Dragonball can still be worth watching, but they eventually become a shell of the shows we fell in love with.

My thinking is it would be nice if some of these shows had a viewing guide. A guide that tells people when to stop watching it.


I recently had a discussion with a fellow member of Anime-Otakus (the group that fan-subbed the first 164 episodes of Prince of Tennis) about finishing what we started. The motivation behind it comes from a couple of places. Primarily because the new manga/anime (including the national tournament anime) just became so ridiculous that I'd rather like to remember the good times, and also because I'm OCD and not finishing the last 14 episodes bothered me.

So a retrospective review of Prince of Tennis I would tell viewers to watch the first 128 episodes and stop. The remaining original series episodes 129-178 are all filler (though the training camp selection is solid filler). The national tournament episodes have stopped being tennis entirely. One could also make a case for not watching the Rikkaidai match altogether. I think the training camp and the match are a lot of fun until Singles 1.

I've also started watching the original Naruto and again it was really good in my mind up until they chase the Sound ninjas. If the show had ended with the end of the Chuunin Exam it would have been great. After that it was still good, but it steadily became a shell of the great show it once was.

What do you think? What shows would you create a viewers guide for and when would you tell people to stop? (It could be like watching Heroes season 1 and not realizing they ever made another episode)

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